trans support resources thread 

In general this account will be focused on my personal rambling rather than the LGBTQ human rights crises. But I have collected a few resources over the last year and will put them here for others. 🧵

trans support resources thread 

Safety first: a self-defense study guide for trans women and GNC / non-binary AMAB folks:

This guide is about understanding a potentially unsafe situation, from microaggressions to violence, and de-escalating, getting out, and handling the reality of a world that will not step in to protect us. It's advice is great for anyone.

The accessible text from the pictures is available here:

trans support resources thread 

For those who are looking to move to safer states, this quick guide has:

- A list of safe states, with links into TransgenderMap.

- Data for filtering out likely hostile employers.

- Links to find medical support, community, and legal help.

- Moving checklists.

It's intended to be a starting point to help build your own plan.


trans support resources thread 

For those who cannot access HRT through their medical system, these links may be of help:

* (fem and masc) - Guides for obtaining HRT

* (fem and masc) - A supplier of HRT

* (fem) - Discussion of safe methods for homebrew estrogen gels

* (fem) - Homebrew HRT

* (fem) - Homebrew HRT

trans support resources thread 

A great practical overview of how to physically get out and stay out of a trans-hostile USA.

trans support resources thread 

For surviving mentally and emotionally:

* This whole thread:

* Austin Brown's "I'm Still Here", about a different civil rights struggle but useful for anyone. The part about working after the death of hope was important to me:

* An amazing personal essay by @AmethystDragon , about rejecting the tools of oppression and embracing our own joy and lives as a way to fight it:

trans support resources thread 

For the (fem) transition itself:

* Reddit user 2d4d_data has written a series of posts about her transition. She is *very* detailed, and transitioned in her 30's while married:

* What to expect on feminizing HRT, written by @twipped , of the Gender Dysphoria Bible fame. An excellent list, and so far I every change I have heard of has been on it:

trans support resources thread 

* Courtesy @erosdiscordia , obtaining a US passport:

* An interactive map of LGBTQ legal rights by countries:

trans support resources thread 

The recent SWATting of Clara Sorrenti (keffals) shows a problem in systems: if your 2FA is your phone, and the police confiscate it, then you may lose access to *everything* that relies on it. For months!

Social media, banking, credit cards, even 401K -- every way to access cash and help might instantly become unavailable. Especially over a weekend or holiday!

Plan what to do if your phone is lost/taken.

trans support resources thread 

@AutumnMeowMeow Also good: Erin Reed's map of informed consent HRT:

An article that explains it:

It says it's just for the U.S. and it mostly focuses there, but some clinics from all over the world have since been added.

trans support resources thread 

@AutumnMeowMeow FYI that what to expect post is now deprecated in favor of the gender dysphoria bible

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