Meme thread 

A thread for my favorite memes.

Meme thread 

Behold my very first post to egg_irl, sometime in summer 2020.

Meme thread 

THE infamous 12/31/2017 TransSalamander Twitter post that cracked Mae Dean's egg, and partly cracking mine too. (It was actually Kathryn's profile pic that did it. I wanted to be cute too. :-) )


If you're under the assumption that you're a cis guy but have always dreamed of being a girl, and the only reason you haven't transitioned is because you're afraid you'll be an "ugly" girl:

That's dysphoria. You're literally a trans girl already, hon.

Meme thread 

I think this was my first post to traa. We need more Babylon 5 memes.

Meme thread 

I think I shed more than my wife, honestly. It's *everywhere*, now that my hair is just past my shoulders.

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