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trans support resources thread 

In general this account will be focused on my personal rambling rather than the LGBTQ human rights crises. But I have collected a few resources over the last year and will put them here for others. 🧵

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anime catgirl thread 

This thread is gonna get long...

Or honorary catgirl witch: Kiki wearing ears.

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Meme thread 

A thread for my favorite memes.

coding talk 

Made a small bit of headway on the new Lisp project while doing my nails. Can log things to file, get tty dimensions, and switch between raw and cooked tty. Now to put in the keyboard and mouse parser.

Doing this one very differently than the last few. I want to just provide the basics at first as mostly FP without committing to OO / queues / threads; and then be able to build different paradigms over that.

It is taking entirely too long for my freaking nails to dry.

(Of course that's because I was lazy and glopped it on.)

Watching OTA TV, they just had the South Shore Drill Team on. Really cool!

I can see them just fine. It's just I don't think they should exist. Ⓐ

Perhaps my favorite feature of is that feeling you get when you remove code and *gain* functionality.

CommonLisp: making the hard stuff possible, and the easy stuff annoying.

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Nothing quite so vulnerable feeling as being alone in the hallway waiting on the electrologist while random men walk past.

Am I really about to write some new CommonLisp code, using SBCL...?

Last time I wrote CL was September 29, 2006.

Wonder what's changed since then? Hope it executes a bit faster.

Throwing some C code up reminds me how much I miss its clean simplicity.

And by goddess the modern compilers are so damn fast.

What I should I name my new "random stuff" repository?

eye contact in picture 

The Tria 4X has no right to be so damn effective.

Definitely the MVP of my first two years of transition.

The CD isn't ripping to the exact same WAV files that were burned, despite being the exact same size. Oh crap, did I burn the pre-encoded WAVs? I might have, I'm kinda ditzy today.

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Every Law and Order, every NCIS, etc.: the instant Detective Briscoe gets that birth certificate, that's the only name he'll use for the suspect from there on out.

It's so ingrained, so routine, so classical trope that I can't believe it took me this long to notice it.

*Everyone* who has changed their name for any reason has their birth name exposed: "says here her name is Sarah Ribald nee Trojan, married 1992...oh this is interesting! She changed her name back but there's no divorce..."

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Had an ah-ha! on why cops (obligatory ) love to deadname us:

It's because in their mind the only correct name for *anyone* is what's on their birth certificate.

Think of every cop show ever: "Turns out our Michael C is *really* Bob Tables, born in Pensacola, whose family moved here when he was six days old. So, BOBBY, why are you up here in NEW YORK?!"

"Because I've lived here for my entire lifetime minus six days?"

"No more bullshit, we know who you really are!"

I've got a little script coming up. I'll post it when I'm finished.

Currently it: 1) makes a QR code of critical passwords; 2) makes a less-than-1MB zip file of other things I care about and encodes those into every audio track for a CD.

Last bit to add will be a much bigger file snuck into a DVD filesystem.


I've spent more time double-checking account recovery emails and phone numbers, and deciding what I want to go into the "oh shit archive", than actually writing the script.

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Oh no, r/transgendercirclejerk is making sense to me, and kinda funny in a gallows humor way too.

Well, this feels like a bizarre new transition milestone.

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