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Hello! You can call me Andy, and I work as a QA tester in Portland, OR. I'm asexual/heteroromantic.

My main fursona is Andy, a fox and certified good bean™. I try to be a the wholesome kind of person, always ready to give you kind words or a hug if needed.

It's good to meet you! :heart_ace:

kobolds are great. people who disagree are wrong. goodbye

life hack: when Monty Hall reveals the goat behind one of the doors, yu can just pick the goat

Getting back into Sims youtubers again and this is a good first impression

morning all!

welcome to a new week! I hope good things happen for you!

ok. so

name: q.t. (for quoxtaur or "cutie" :dragnuwu:)
pronouns: it

so... I'm probably gonna be trying my hand at streaming on Twitch in the next week or so


Welcome to Thursday, and the week is nearing a close. You've got this!

good morning!

It's the middle of the week.

If you see this, know that I hope you have a great day, and that you are awesome!

morning all!

Happy tuesday, and I hope this message finds you well!

Good morning, and Happy Monday!

...let us hope this week is boring.

What's a Kobolds fave programming language? 


Dragon sona hasn't been in the front for a while but i still love her lots so please accept this semi-regular DragonZest appreciation post

Morning, everyone

It's the weekend, and if you're reading this, I hope you have a good day today.

non-binary, Iceland, + 

Icelanders now have the option of "X" as gender marker in all forms of ID, including passport and driving license, as of the start of 2021. ^_^

And, a comment notes "I've noticed how binary the last names are in Icelandic before, but that's cool to see that they will be allowed "-bur" instead of -son or -dóttir."

Good morning!

Sorry for not posting the past couple of days!

I hope you have been having a great week!

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