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Hello! You can call me Andy, and I work as a QA tester in Portland, OR. I'm asexual/heteroromantic.

My main fursona is Andy, a fox and certified good bean™. I try to be a the wholesome kind of person, always ready to give you kind words or a hug if needed.

It's good to meet you! :heart_ace:

More facts

✅ Wants you to be happy and loved
✅ Gets mushy when you call him cute

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Andy Facts

✅ Is friendly
✅ Will give you hugs if you ask

PL politics, women's rights, PLEASE boost 

For context: the current Constitutional Court is pretty much a bunch of lapdogs for the ruling, conservative Catholic party.

They tried a few times to introduce a harsher abortion law, but chickened out after extremely widespread protests.

So they figured they'd change the situation via Constitutional Court ruling, while pretending to keep their hands clean.

This is unbelievably evil, but I guess that's how ultra-conservative Catholics roll.

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PL politics, women's rights, PLEASE boost 

The Constitutional Court of Poland (which includes illegally appointed judges) just made a ruling regarding abortion law.

Abortion in PL is now illegal for p. much ANY reason. Women will be forced to give birth not just to children that result from rape. It'll actually be illegal to abort a foetus without lungs or a brain. No, this is not an exaggeration.

This is a EU country in 2020. Difficult to imagine, right?

Please boost to make this widely known.

Completed a second pooltoy commission for @g ! Both gecs this time! Thanks for being patient.

you cannot save them, sponge of mystery! they are trapped by my awesome surface tension!

If comics about Sonic the Hedgehog were syndicated, would they be Mobius Strips?


I can't be the only one who thinks that Trump's impeachment trial happened way earlier than just this year, am I?

i think i already posted this but in the off chance i didnt here you go

Idea: Werewolf that spreads lycanthropy by mooning people

As certain as the creak of bones
as silent as a catacomb
He’s ready when you start to age
and filled with butterscotch and rage
With cackling maw and sticky hand

we all should fear the Werther’s Man

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When you turn 35 a bag of Werther’s Originals appears in your pantry

You have no memory of it

It is soaked in blood

VRChat pics 

Tonight was a lot of fun, after hosting my forza league event, I jumped on VRChat with some friends and explored some car themed worlds. Then a dorky deer tagged along.

Zest popped in too and gosh heckie I'm a dum dum because I forgot to get a pic with her. :c next time, tho. She's an elusive lil kobold.

I drew @chr in a pencil skirt and im gay im gay im so fucking gay what the heck

here's a legendary quote from a Pussy Riot song to inspire you

Good girls working at the banks
Bad girls blowing up the tanks
Good girls pray to a man with a beard
But God is a woman and she's deaf and she's queer

WA unemployment benefits warning, please boost 


the state of washington can, and will, legally, suddenly revoke your unemployment benefits then retroactively charge you for them, leaving you not just without income, but also in SERIOUS debt

when it happened to my boyfriend i thought it was an isolated issue, but then it happened to a friend too, and it keeps happening, so please please be careful and try to have something to fall back on other than unemployment money

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