Looking for work 

Well, as of this afternoon, I've left my job of 11 years and am going to start looking for the Next Thing.

If anyone knows of fully remote opportunities for a trans girl with 20+ years of professional C++ experience and systems architecture, with a long run in engineering management and leadership, hit me up.

Looking for work 

@AmethystDragon hey friend, we don't have any eng roles open just this second, but it might be a "no time is a bad time for a general interest application and potential informational interview." Would love to talk to you, esp since we are remote first and actually queer friendly.

Looking for work 

@anathema It may be a hot second before I'm in an emotional space to actually follow up on that, but you'll be high on my list!

Looking for work 

@AmethystDragon whenever you're ready. I'm not going anywhere!

Looking for work 

@AmethystDragon Ah, shit, where were you 6--12 months ago when our team needed both a C++ engineer & a manager? Both positions now filled & general hire freeze on. (Not that I'd recommend us otherwise -- we're an old global behemoth & although good on the inclusivity & becoming good on remote, the bureaucracy is a pain.)

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