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This is my deep nerdity account. All my unapologetically queer and sociopolitical stuff goes to @mordremoth

On how we respond to injustice 

I wrote this a while ago, about a very different specific bit of injustice, but it remains relevant and today seems like a good day to surface it again.

Relationships (+) 

One of the most intense and precious joys I've ever known is to travel through life alongside good companions.

I love the moments when someone takes a step of vulnerability and shares something personal, and then unleashes a flood of open, honest communication, leading to mutual growth and an even deeper connection.

Joy shared, after all, is joy compounded.

Personal stance on justice spaces 

(And in an interesting display of my own biases and assumptions, I've omitted a key qualifier here: I'm talking about *white* cishet men, specifically.)

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Personal stance on justice spaces 

A space that doesn't center personal healing and emotional well-being is an instant red flag for me.

Ditto for a space that has no policy around emotionally charged interactions, conflict resolution, or reconciliation.

And if nobody there knows what "decolonization" means, I take that as a sure sign that there is learning desperately needed, which I'm not sitting on enough spoons to teach.

Listen to Black queer people and indigenous folx. They know what's up.

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Personal stance on justice spaces 

I'm glad to see cishet men even showing up. It's a good sign, in my opinion. I see justice and progress as following a proximity-limited model: we have the strongest effect on people who are kind of like us already, and so for those people to be even wanting to step up is good - it can lead to reaching the most egregious upholders of today's manifestations of kyriarchy.

But the assumption on their part that they're qualified to be in charge needs to stop.

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Personal stance on justice spaces 

I'm deliberately omitting context here for privacy so I realize this is barely more than yelling into the void, but it felt important to say anyways:

I will not engage with any group or space that purports to uphold social justice if the overwhelming majority of active voices in the space are cishet men.

Cishet men need to be involved in social justice, don't get me wrong. But on average, they need to spend much more time listening than speaking.

Learn first.

Gardening, wildlife 

Was visited repeatedly by a curious hummingbird today, while working on my long term project of replacing my lawn with native ground cover.

I find few things remind me of what I really find important in life like literally getting my hands dirty.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds, tiny spoiler 

Having the "you don't have to be one thing or the other" speech come from a character with unobtrusive but unambiguous they/them pronouns was just... Chef's kiss out of 10.

I did a bunch of errands and life upkeep type stuff today, but by far the most important thing I did was stand in front of a slightly-clogged storm drain and giggle out loud at the silly noises the water made as it burbled through the pipes.

Joke involving made up "history" 

Morgan Hills was a little-known champion of gender diversity causes in the late 1800s.

Researchers recently uncovered a shockingly well-preserved newspaper clipping recording an interview with the "legendary" figure.

We can now say with certainty that the famous quote - from a clearly impressed interviewer, agreeing with this prescient, radical advocate's stance on inclusivity - actually goes like this:

"There's gold in 'they/them/their', Hills!"

Happiness is making a gigantic commit and then immediately turning off your workstation and leaving work, secure in the knowledge that you can't possibly have broken anything, because the entire bank of automated tests passes flawlessly.

There is a particularly tasty irony in finding and fixing copy/paste mistakes in the source code of a linter.

Queer as in f.u., music video 

This is definitely my theme song for the month.

Nothing is something worth doing.

Especially when there's a long list of "important" things to do instead.

Spent a good half an hour today just watching birds looking for things to eat in the trees in my yard.

It was categorically the most important thing I could do with my day.

Programmer 1: here's a code review for the tests I wrote against this module.

Programmer 2: I wish this test could be implemented this other, more flexible way, but I understand your choice here since our infrastructure doesn't support that approach.

Programmer 3: let's escalate this to the entire team and adjust our plans to make time to add that test infrastructure support, because these other modules could also use it.

I love this project. Gamedev *can* use good engineering practices.

Had a quiet moment and went back to re-read some of the publicly posted love letters I've written myself over the past few years.

Still utterly blown away by how much I love that girl and how much deeper that love gets as time goes by.

Sometimes, all I get from a given day is doing that one thing in a video game I've wanted to do for a while, and you know? Sometimes that's enough.

Just picked up a direct-drive bass drum pedal and oh wow where has this beauty been all my life :heart_eyes_cat_trans:

A short programming mystery story 

Day 1: Ooh, new version of Important Middleware is out! Let's integrate it.

Day 2: Tests are failing in weird ways. Well, as the Pragmatic Programmer reminds us, "select() probably isn't broken", so let's figure out how we're accidentally misusing the new middleware changes.

Day 3: WTF. The universe no longer makes sense.

Day 4: Us: "Uhm, vendor? What are we doing wrong?"

Day 5: Vendor: "Oops, looks like we broke select() on you, sorry about that."


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