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This is my account for deep nerdity. I also post sociopolitical thoughts and such over on @mordremoth.

I will be unapologetically queer on both.

No, the "Unix philosophy" isn't what I'm talking about. That mindset is all about gatekeeping tech creation behind arbitrary (read: bigoted) criteria of "competence."

Nor is open source, which inherits many of the same crimes under the guise of "meritocracy."

The future of tech is for people who want non-nerds to be centered in its creation.

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The real future of software creation is in tiny, easily-created and maintained parts, freely composed into larger wholes by non-experts for whatever purposes they damn well please.

This is not because software is heading that direction right now; this is because the way things are going, software's unsustainable obsession with "we'll just build a better silo of our own" will collapse on itself, and anti-capitalist, decolonizer groups will take over.

As it always should have been.

I endeavor, in all things, to radiate my absolute certain knowledge that - no matter where I might be, no matter the circumstances of the given moment - there is a significant chance that I'm in the middle of being some baby gay's Queer Awakening.

What if the idea that software cannot be developed effectively via horizonal scaling is not an inherent truth, but rather a property of trying to scale a process using the wrong tools?

What would tools look like that could put rapid, stable, effective technology creation in the hands of decolonizers, community organizers, marginalized groups of people whose only real barrier to benefiting from technology is the gatekeeping of a broken tradition?

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boosts welcome, seeking advice for chronic pain and fibromyalgia 

So chances are I’m looking at a fibromyalgia diagnosis, or at least, that’s what my medical team is saying. Which like, I was prepared for and expecting all kinds of other things - but I wasn’t expecting this.

So that leads me to the question: for those who are dealing with fibromyalgia what are some things you have learnt about the diagnosis that you didn’t learn from your doctor? What are some things that you’ve found have *actually* helped you with this? What do you wish you knew earlier on in your diagnosis?

I’ve been reading what I can find on the internet, but I’m really looking for some kind of input written by people with the condition or similar conditions, not shit written by people who don’t have anything similar.

Non-monogamy, minor Supergirl Season 3 spoilers 

Watching the Mon-El/Kara/Imra arc play out and spending 5 minutes every episode yelling "you can love more than one person at a time!" at the screen in semi-serious frustration

I've got a lot of thoughts starting to spill out about why I just left my job after over a decade; but they're not really nerdy so much as sociopolitical commentary, so that's all going to be going on over on @mordremoth

(Also that instance has a way higher post length limit, which is kinda important for when my verbose ass starts talking about stuff...)

Looking for work 

Well, as of this afternoon, I've left my job of 11 years and am going to start looking for the Next Thing.

If anyone knows of fully remote opportunities for a trans girl with 20+ years of professional C++ experience and systems architecture, with a long run in engineering management and leadership, hit me up.

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Yknow... One of the hardest parts of recovering from Conversion Therapy is the way that sometimes my brain will decide that all of my queerness - from my tattoos to my work to the relationships that i have - is dangerous and will lead to my being hurt, sick, and eternally damned.

But i eschew those beliefs. Queerness has been nothing short of life saving and magic. So today I want to use my own struggles in feeling safe in my queerness as a way to help us all remind ourselves why being part of this community is amazing.

So lets have some fun: lets all share the most magical things that have happened in our lives as queer people - the things that make us so happy that we are queer.

When designing software for scalability, I tend to draw heavily on organic systems for inspiration: self-monitoring, redundancy, feedback systems, and dynamic equilibrium.

This leads to a moment when a new architecture goes from being a fragile, haphazard mess of dozens of barely-related moving pieces, to suddenly being able to withstand shocking amounts of disruption and chaos without so much as stalling out a request.

And that moment is pure, perfect magic.

A bit more lewd; even more nerdy; still not true 

There is also a powerful parallel to the famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, namely: we can know that a Sapphic orgasm has taken place, or we can know who was involved, but never both at the same time, even in principle.

The math is tricky, but this, in turn, implies that it is impossible for any quantity of orgasms to permanently reduce the probability of Yearning to 0 for any meaningful length of time.

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Slightly lewd; extremely nerdy; not actually true 

It's a popular trope that nobody knows when Sapphic sex begins or ends, but the truth is that such encounters are actually well-described by a probabilistic model not unlike quantum field theory.

At any given time, for a given group of Sapphics, there is a chance that sex is occurring and/or ongoing. The sum of this probability and the probability of Yearning actively happening is always exactly 1.0.

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Help request 

I bought a new phone brand new in the box less than a year ago, but LG refuses to honor the warranty because I bought the phone already unlocked from a third party and not LG or T-Mobile, and I can't get ahold of the vendor I bought it from for any help.

This has been happening since at least Saturday 13.08.2022. I get "Out of service area" and "Mobile network unavailable" messages whenever I try to call any number, including voicemail. My LG V60
phone shows full signal strength and 5G availability. I dial the number, then after about 45 seconds the data disappears and cellular signal strength drops to no bars and the little signal search icon appears next to the bars. Then the call attempt fails and the error message appears. I've power cycled my phone several times, and removed and reinserted the SIM card. I've also received a new SIM card from T-Mobile. I have factory reset the phone and the error still happens. I've restarted the phone in safe mode and the error still happens.

The only time phone calls actually work is if I'm within 100 or so meters of a cell tower, but even then the cell signal drops to one or two bars, and data disappears completely. Of course, LG says there's nothing wrong with the phone and T-Mobile says there's nothing wrong with my account or their network. The phone that I replaced makes calls fine if I put the SIM card it it. That phone had other damage that prompted replacement.

RT's and ideas--especially ideas--appreciated.

Still coasting on leftover energy from yesterday's conversation with a new friend who recently learned they're autistic.

The sheer relief, joy, and excitement on their face as they realized they were talking to someone who Finally Gets It...

*Happy Neuro-weird Sighs*

Gotta love the feeling of bouncing up and down providing both an effective stim and a surge of gender euphoria...

Slightly crass, trans femme mantra, shitposty 

Less T, more titty.

LB: Yes, I'm boosting my own post off an alt account, but the numbers are just so fascinating to me and I'm marveling over the way such a simple, elegantly designed quantification can so beautifully capture the trajectory of my personal journey.

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Trauma, dissociation, recovery, HRT mention (positive) 

Recently found out about this interesting little tool from a fedi friend who I'll leave unnamed for their privacy (but thank you, profusely, for this by the way):

From my experiences about four years ago, as best I can remember, I scored very high. That was the peak of things being bad in my life.

In the interim, I've done... a lot of work. Including three years (to the day today!) of hormone therapy, and a metric boatload of emotional and somatic therapy.

My numbers today are less than half what they would have been in 2018.

It's both sobering to realize how severely awful things were (and how badly I'd been coerced into disbelieving it was even a problem), and also somehow deeply validating that I've been able to change things this much, in such a relatively short time - given that my experiences of abuse began in infancy and lasted over 30 years.

(For reference, pre score was 52.3, current score is 25.1. Common average for PTSD is cited as 31.)

Selfie, eye contact, physical health mentioned 

Conducting Very Scientific Research into the efficacy of the color purple for acute migraine relief. Data is thus far inconclusive but the experiments are fun.

Evidence I am, in fact, a bot girl:

- Relentlessly logical

- Unexplained affinity for tech and math

- Cannot comprehend the idea of dishonesty

- Unorthodox experiences with regards to emotion

- Often shock others with my processing speed

- Difficulty in interpersonal interactions with "normal" people (but, like, not unhappy about it)

- Spend an inordinate amount of my life trying to get people around me to respect my dignity and autonomy without erasing my uniqueness

- Bot girls are hot

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