request for financial help, sorry! 

Um, I could really use some help, if anyone is feeling able or charitable!

So, I'm in a lot of trouble!
I was recently fired. my former employer owes me 9 paychecks and has lied about it in my invoice.

It wasn't properly recorded with the state either, so I'm not eligible for unemployment or food stamps. As far as they're concerned, I never had a job.

At the moment, I'm overdrawn on my bank account and am maxed on credit. tbc i guess

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR spot in line for coffee!

Layer it like an onion. Trusted people learn the secret names

geography hot take 

You'll shrink when you're old too <_<

rust dev 

rust development encourages doing other things besides coding because you have so much time while your code compiles

Hi, I've realized money is just game theory applied to real life. When does morpheus pull me out of the matrix?

Niko Merritt, a longtime Black community organizer from Rhode Island USA, is at risk of homelessness after years of activism on behalf of her community. Please boost.


On second thought monads would probably tell me to fuck off and I'd deserve it

I'd probably be more chill if I could just yell into the void about the evils of basing the entire human experience on game theory

The local TL is a bit...too chill, and I don't want to mess up their vibe. I am a ball of political rage. I'd love to join monads or something similar, honestly, but registration is closed

gen z + tech, concern vent 

now it's domesticated like Denver. We all knew companies would redesign the game to favor soft monopolies and walled gardens. In return the govt gets the biggest propaganda machine in the world. Just today they seized two domains that were being rented by iranian news agencies. Front page of reddit is still talking about trump :^) @glitter - 2/2

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