Based on a post by @ljwrites it seems that the easiest way we can try to confuse the recent brigading by anti-trans bots is to put "trans-" words somewhere in your bio.

If everyone says "TRANS RIGHTS" in their profile they'll oddly materially be helping trans people on here (100% more effective than thoughts and prayers!)

If you can't handle the bots, though, don't worry and just boost this please! :heart_trans: :heart_trans_black: :boost_requested: The bots are targeting some people on this instance and it's really sad.

@6EQUJ5 @ljwrites Done but I'll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled in case this turns out to have unintended, and unanticipated consequences.

@6EQUJ5 @ljwrites I'm not sure if this will work. I added trans to my profile before going to sleep last night, and there seems to have been a wave of new accounts in that time, but I don't seem to have been picked up.

That may just be my kick-ass admins, or they may not have updated the list yet, but it's worth noting I think.

@Jaded905 there's this big list of trans people on the fediverse going around, with people on the list getting harassed. It's messed up. I believe a lot of people got sent gore-y pictures of dead animals.

So some people think it is bots that find profiles with the word 'trans' in them, and put those on the list.


@human_dude so there's people on here that are harassing people? What do you have to do for these people to come to you? Lol I haven't had a good dust up on this app in a while so I need one

@Jaded905 current theory is that you just put 'trans' or something like that in your bio, and maybe they have a bot that notices and puts you on their list. A lot of people do trans emoji :heart_trans: in their name too.

@6EQUJ5 @ljwrites Hey I've seen a couple of posts like yours, is there any more detail I can go look at for what's going on? Something about bot accounts brigading trans users?

@withquieteyes correct, there are some bots looking for "trans" in user profiles on mastodon and then are sending us really bad hatespeech stuff. They have a pastebin full of usernames. But the people who've been talking about this is that if they can't discern between trans users and regular user then using a filter is pointless.

@6EQUJ5 @ljwrites
Hi I m Music Central, which is mostly about music. But there r too many irl issues to only focus on music (uk & intl news, #lgbtqiaplus issues,etc) also a bit of comedy (the only way to cope at times), short docs from #PinkNews, etc.

I'd like t know how/where u got #queeremoji hearts?
The admin finally has :transgender:
I've seen others #intersex #asexual #nb #pansexual #inclusiverainbow #bisexual I want my profile to b CLEAR
Every1 =welcome & safe @ MC

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