5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About

(a comic from everydayfeminism.com I added image captions to)

:betterpride_flag: :flag_polyamory:

made the mistake of not remembering that the typesetting system is not what most people think about when you hear the term LaTeX and then googled 'latex top and bottom symbols'

alpha males when the

when the release candidate male shows up

Orb Meme, Youtube link 

My wife is an animator, and doesn't (yet) have a mastodon presence, so here's her contribution to the ponder orb meme that's going around!


The highlight of my day is that I'm going to make tea. :blobfoxflooftea:

federal timeline

state timeline

local timeline

municipal timeline

hey, my tshirt designs are on sale for the holidays! get really cool hacking shirts or apparel and support me a tiny bit in the process


(more designs in the store)

boost this post to turn the person you boosted it from fully evil

From birdsite 

RT @DanSpenser
Last week I had a dream and the only thing I remembered about the dream was a poster on a wall so I made the poster and put it on a wall and it was the fastest I have ever made a dream come true and it felt exhilarating like I had solved a mystery.

so i originally thought that ttrpg games were essentially created by the community around them but i know realize they're pretty much all dictated by the company that created them and i'm pretty dissapointed there isn't a community-driven ttrpg project unless there is and i'm not aware of it ?

Reading fanfiction that's mostly serious and the author just drops a critical-strike dad joke that will make you facepalm irl pun in the middle of a chapter and it really did just give me a great appreciation for trans culture.

achieving himbo status at record speeds with the help of the brain puddingfyer

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UK politics, healthcare, important 

Why is no news or anything talking about the Health and Care bull being introduced today for read and amendments? Its literally the start of the privatization of the UK health system. One key issue is removing the ability for the NHS to fund any surgery's for people that aren't directly under the NHS, which starts to erode the NHS's requirement to provixe free healthcare and starts to allow companies at the table on decisions with no cap on how many can be added.

Total silence in any media form 🤷‍♀️

Thinking about how tofu is made with gypsum.

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