starting to think that some of the people #onhere are actually women and it's not a bit

⭐ < instead of calling someþing "stupid" try calling it "sus", ⭐

Verschlimmbessern (v): To make something worse while trying to improve it

If you get recommendations for media that paints asian people negatively or is monetizing negativity towards east asian governments (even if it's from a 'good place'), it's propaganda. We're gearing up for war.


"At least they built ScHoOls"

(*stares in residential school are centers of paper and cultural genocide you fucking turd*)

Thinking about the last time I wasn't tired, I think that was about 16 years ago

listen here you fucking whole wheat english muffin

does anyone reading this either like or know anything about designing book covers

being an adult means i can make purchases for myself but i am terrified to do so

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